Thinking with your hand.

Joseph Beuys said he is thinking with his knee. We think with our hands and create prototypes of our ideas directly in-house in our own workshop. Some things you have to feel, in the right proportion and the right material.

Creation workshop

The old machines open up design and production paths for us that would be impossible without them. And for the most part without electricity and in indestructible design.

Nevertheless, we do not close ourselves to modern technology, but combine old and new to find the right form.

Our toys in detail:

Analog/ Manual operation

Karl Krause hot stamping press/punch up to 33 x 47 or Paper 47 x 66
Trettiegel letterpress up to paper 35 x 60 cm
Karl Krause stack cutter up to 70 x 100 cm
Karl Krause stack cutter up to 50 x 70 cm
Leos Nachfolger cardboard scissors up to 102 cm
SCM creasing/grooving machine for Cardboard up to 102 cm width
SCM creasing machine for paper/cardboard up to 30 cm width
Paper drill up to 16 mm
Eyelet machine foot operation small diameter
Eyelet machine hand operation large diameter
Karl Krause Corners u. Slot punch
Brehmer stitching machine small, brochures
Brehmer stitching machine large, cardboard boxes
Rapidex corner stitching machine
Jagenberg gluing machine 40 cm width
Sumbel strip gluing machine
Hole punch double head
Karl Krause slitting machine cardboard boxes
Karl Krause slitting- u. Corner punching machine
Book planer 70 cm
Book press 50 x 70 cm
Embossing press small for paper, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, textile, sheet metal


Flatbed cutter plotter up to format 100 x 210 cm, max 10mm Strong materials
CNC flatbed cutter up to 125 x 250 cm, max. 150 mm Strong materials
Foil cutting plotter up to 60 cm width / length endless
3D printer 400 x 300 x 300 mm / hotend max 420 degrees for peek
OKI digital printing 32 cm x 95 cm / white print + varnish / up to 0,6 mm thickness
Epson plotter 42 cm width / length endless / up to 1 mm thickness for paper, foil, cardboard, corrugated board, leather, wood, metal, plastic