App design for nBox

Electricity in need

Zumtobel's nBox is a group battery system that provides the necessary supply for emergency lighting in an emergency. In large buildings, this is an essential element that performs its service in tandem with the regular power grid. Which luminaire is allowed to light up when and which is powered by the battery in an emergency must be configured and periodically tested.

The remote app for Zumtobel's nBox enables the setup for the entire lighting system. We were commissioned to create a clear design for the quite complex functionality.
The dashboard allows the user to see the system status at a glance without being burdened by too much information. The goal was to design an interface that would be used with pleasure.

Icons in the system

A sign can replace many words and is grasped intuitively. Even though a pictogram may not always be self-explanatory, the meaning is easily learned and can be grasped faster than the word.